Law Firm
O’Connell Attorneys is an experienced and well established law firm focusing on successfully representing our clients in the fields of commercial- and private litigation, dispute resolution, labour-, immigration- and commercial law.
We value many longstanding relationships with several of our clients, ranging from large corporations, financial institutions and insurance houses to the small- and medium sized businesses and private individuals.
Our Approach
We are adaptive and creative in our approach to providing legal services that are in step with an everchanging environment. You may be assured that our costs and billing are flexible and very competitive. We always work towards reaching your desired outcome as effectively as possible. We avoid inflaming disputes and inciting litigation. This approach always comes at a financial and emotional cost to the client and only benefits the attorneys involved. Our approach is firm, well considered and aimed at putting you as our client first. We understand that clients sometimes have to hear not what they want to hear, but what they have to hear
We are centrally and conveniently situated in Bryanston, Sandton and as litigants we operate independently in both the Johannesburg and Pretoria jurisdictions. Most large companies have their central operations within the Gauteng Province, but often require services, especially in the fields of litigation and labour law, in the other jurisdictions of South Africa. In answer to this we deliver a centralized and convenient national service with personal accessibility, which we achieve through our longstanding relationships and fee agreements with firms across South Africa.